Cold Steel Safe Maker Push Knife Available at KnifeCenter

Designed by Lindsay Thompson our safe maker one push knife is without a doubt the finest commercially made push knife in the world the blade shaft and t-shaped Tang are all CNC machined from a single piece of Japanese aus-8 a stainless steel this process what costly eliminates any sharp edges that would irritate the hand when the knife is clasped in a closed fist the t-shaped handle is made of shock absorbing kraton with a deeply checkered surface and completely encapsulates the t-shaped tang and part of the shaft so the knife can be comfortably and securely grasped in the fist with the blade jutting out between the fingers the push dagger is an awesome alternative when you’re looking at carrying a boot knife the big advantage is the handle forms a tee in relationship to the blade and it allows you to have a shorter overall knife than a conventional boot knife because the handle runs at right angles to the blade you can make the overall length shorter which allows you to conceal it better and it’s just that much more easy to carry it and you’re more likely to carry it it also allows you to hit with a locked wrist most of the time you hit with a bent wrist with a knife when holding in conventional grips here my wrist is locked and the bones of my wrist are aligned with my form and my elbow and my shoulder everything locks up so I can deliver maximum power a lot of people believe the push dagger was originally evolved from the Qatar which was a traditional weapon in India and they used it to punch through armor and mail coats and Bretton steel breast plates and helmets because you can hit so hard with it with that lock wrist you can punch through almost any obstacle if you’re strong enough for the push dagger in a self-defense mode because it offers so much power even the lightest hit penetrates you don’t have to be a muscle man to use a push dagger all I have to do is this it goes in all you do is right through now there I can hear the ribs split and I’m barely doing anything I’m not even hitting them if you notice I’m just moving my arm it’s an awesome awesome choice for a teenager or a young lady or any people any person that doesn’t have a lot of physical strength that needs to protect themselves a push dagger does all the work by design it just offers effortless penetration the other thing I really enjoy about a push dagger is that you can direct it any way you can turn your wrist it goes in any direction it’s very difficult for someone to try to disarm it because the shaft is locked between your fingers and then you make a fist around it like that very hard to disarm now most push dagger aren’t very well designed in my opinion the shaft that runs between your fingers is very rough and the shaft meets at right angles on four corners and they cut into your fingers and you can’t slash comfortably with them and they irritate your hand and contrast our safe maker 1 & 2 or drop forged in CNC machine here to have a very very smooth contour all the way around here is all beautifully polished and it’s softened like a bar soap just feels wonderful in your hand and then we extended the rubber handle down the shaft to add even more padding to your hand and make it even more comfortable I believe our safe maker 1 & 2 are the quintessential push daggers this is state-of-the-art push dagger technology here I’m just going to really slowly if I go real fast you won’t be seeing what I’m going to do I’m just going to demonstrate how you can use this push dagger you can insert between the ribs it goes right in you can punch through the ribs now if you listen closely you can hear the ribs breaking very easy to punch through ribs of this thing it nothing stands in the way of that push dagger you can use it from any angle I can come from this side I can come up like this I can come up like this I can come up like that I can come with an overhand here and there right into the bone it’s deep into the bone in that leg I can slice with it look at that that was just a very very very light slash but I can come in here with the heavy slash and look at what I got I’ve cut the ribs here I laid them open ah a long long long ways with this push dagger so it has lots of versatility if you know anything about boxing you can use them with jabs you could you trap and hook up you can do a shovel hooks very easily and get an awful lot I don’t want to cut my tie off I’ve done that on occasion it’s just a super knife to use it’s so easy to use this push back dagger if you don’t want to spend a lot of time studying knife fighting but you wanted to fend you self easily and efficiently with a bladed weapon the proofs dagger is a really good alternative to look at and if you’re going to carry the weight you might as well Kerry Cold Steel we’re the best

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